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About the Photographer

Rodney L. Driggers

Born in Marshall, TX, Rodney Driggers as a child has always been a business minded person. He knows what he wants and how to get it. The struggling times did not stop him from pursuing his dreams. Through hard work, he got his Bachelor’s Degree in Personnel & Public Relations in Louisiana Tech University. Upon graduation, he married his beautiful high school sweetheart, Mary Ellen Blackwell. Five years later, they were blessed with a darling daughter, who has given them 2 fine grand kids. He established his executive recruitment and professional placement agency, Driggers & Blackwell Personnel, Inc., with his wife in 1976. The success of their business gave him the opportunity to diversify, and years later his billboard advertising company, Driggers Outdoor Advertising, was born. With Rodney’s businesses pretty much running by itself, he now has the chance and time to pursue one of his long time passions – Photography.

Rodney built his own studio in Ruston, LA. His studio has several sets with different backdrops and themes. He also has several properties where he had them beautifully landscaped for outdoor photography sessions.

Rodney loves photography. He does it not only for business, but for passion. He’s happy just taking pictures with artistic quality and helping out models build their portfolios.      

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